Doing a "backdoor Roth" in TurboTax is a 2-step process. Enter the contribution to the Traditional IRA that you made. Depending on your income and if you have a retirement plan at work, TurboTax will either tell you that your contribution is not deductible or it will ask you "Do you want to make your IRA contributions nondeductible? That means it is an early distribution but an exception applies so there is no penalty.

To check that the right results show, look at your form. There should be no entry on Line 32 for IRA deduction. The Box 1 amount from your R should appear on Line 15a of yourbut Line 15b should be zero.

m271 turbo conversion

Any earnings in the IRA will be taxable. View solution in original post. Get the latest stimulus news and tax filing updates.

Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. New Member. My R lists a distribution for the total amount and contributions. It seems that since these were after tax contributions that were immediately converted to a Roth, I should not owe any tax.

However when I enter the R, my refund amount goes way down. Can someone clarify please? Thank you.

Turbo W202 Mercedes C-class

Topics: TurboTax Premier Online. Accepted Solutions. Level 6. However, TT records the total amount of the rollover has taxable in withdrawals sections, shouldn't it just recorded the taxable? It won't let me manually change it. Otherwise you may have missed filling in a box from yourmake sure it's checked exactly as received.

Having same problem this year. Made contributions and conversions for two tax years in i. There is apparently no place to indicate that nondeductible contributions were also made in that would create basis for the R amount to be fully non-taxable, and putting a higher amount covering both tax years for contributions leads to Turbo tax incorrectly identifying them as excess contributions, subject to a penalty tax.

Basically, you know you will get a for the year you are working on, so you input it in the year you are filing so you won't have to amend the return. Another note, this is a 2 year old post, so you should start a new post. The question goes to a R that I just received now. The conversion event covering two years worth of contributions occurred in Marchwhich would be fully reflected in my return as it was a event.

However, looking back, it does look like my Form reports basis for last tax year I had been assuming I had reported 0. So that solves it for me, at least. Good Luck.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Home Forums Technical Engine. The Complete M Engine thread. Revised and Updated. R2D2 MB Enthusiast. Joined Mar 23, Messages 6, Car C Revised and Updated People are forever asking about how to mod their M C Kompressor so I thought some work was required to help guide us all! Hope this helps someone. As you know a number of people regularly ask about the M engine on this and other forums.

Mercedes made this engine in such away as it can be configured to provide different outputs and therefore has been used in many different guises and models.

You may be surprised to learn that a derivative of the M was used in Formula 3. For those who are interested in how our engine is used in F3 read on. For those only interested in their M then scroll down a bit.

Mercedes engined F3 car In the five years since Mercedes-Benz began its involvement in Formula Three, it has developed into the formula's most dominant engine supplier.

Its engines, which are built and serviced by H. The H. All M engines are built in Bad Cannstatt, Germany. The family has a cast iron engine block and aluminum DOHC cylinder heads. It uses SFI fuel injection, has 4 valves per cylinder with variable valve timing, is supercharged and intercooled, and features fracture-split forged steel connecting rods. The E18 is a 1. Bore is 82 mm and stroke is 85 mm. A version running on natural gas was introduced in the German market in By LawmanAugust 26, in Want-to-Buy.

Wondering any bro want to let go their after market header and high flow cat for 1. Shall I just tell you the truth and say be satisfied with your current setup because it's not worth exploring this route.

The actual perceived gains may not be worth the engine check light popping up frequently. Generally, there is nothing much you can do with the M which is supplied in a few variants with different piston sizes ultimately resulting in differing compression rates which is definitely something you have to take into consideration when employing the use of an uprated supercharger such as the C Eaton M45 which s ome members have upgraded in the past.

C comp. A C - Part No. Most modern cars nowadays come with 2 catalytic converters. Don't expect to see too much of a result with just the downpipe replacement. You need to look at this project in its entirety - maybe work out how much you want to spend and where that money will take you in terms of what you'd like to achieve.

Wishing you every success in achieving personal satisfaction with your project. Hi Bro Where can i get hold of one of this babies? Via Ebay? Can intro the workshop that know what they are doing for the supercharger conversion?

Should be able to dig thru some old posts with the search function. Sorry bro not sure about W although theoretically, it should be possible. You will need to take into consideration your existing engine spec ie, compression ratio before cranking up the boost pressure as well as looking at your fuel delivery system ie, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, injectors.

Not as simple as a bolt on upgrade. Cel issue not an issue bro Just drive faster and you will be focusing on the road and not on the cell. Anyway, in my previous subarumechanic used resistors to fool the ecu for the removal of cat and no cel.

Not sure can use the same for Merc. Anyway search google for magnum tuning cel remover for your cel. It may solve the cel issue. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.Forums Announcements What's New? Meet the myMBonline. OR Remember Me? OldPM Thread Starter. Turbo conversion.

As the thread title suggests, I am going to turbo my W I have wanted to do this for some time, I originally was batting around the idea of an engine swap C43 or E55 V8but after calculating the costs of it I decided that a turbo project would be much cheaper, and I will probably have a faster car then the V8 swap would have given me!

I've been talking about doing this turbo for some time, hinting to fellow club This is my journey to a Turbo mercedes. I have so far removed ALL the supercharger components, including the supercharger and supercharger bracket, alternator pulley, crank pulley, all stock boost pipe, intercooler. I have ordered my turbo, I have gone with a Garrett GTR, anti-surge ported inlet with 4" intake and 2" boost exit, 0. I was originally going to do a twin scroll GTR set up, but decided that it wouldn't work very well on my car due to the late spool up time and higher rpm band that I don't have to make the power usable.

I should receive my turbo in about 2 more weeks hopefully! I will post up pics of the turbo when it arrives.

Something I've wanted to do for some time now, even when my car was supercharged. I have found a couple companies that have parts I can use, it will be a mixture of different parts as no one makes a full kit I can use due to size restrictions in my engine bay and in front of the bumper. My kit will consist of a frozenboost. Also in the future after the car is running on the turbo I will take on the project of a full custom intake manifold with large diameter throttle body, like a fellow member on this board with a custom turbo install on his C Kompressor.

I will continue to update this thread as I have done with the one My Club I also will be ordering my BOV, wastegate and various other parts for the turbo install. Remove Advertisements.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media.

Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Home Forums Technical Engine. LPG Conversion. Thread starter k6nwl Start date Jan 15, Tags conversion lpg.

Has anyone converted their merc to LPG. Looking at converting my CLK pertrol. IMO,its a bad idea,if it aint a factory fit from new dont touch it. Also it turns your car into a potential bomb.

m271 turbo conversion

Some of the fitting companies have a lot of unhappy customers! HumberMart Active Member. It's not something I would do. Power was always lower on gas, and as already mentioned, cylinder head problems became a big issue. Theoretical mpg on LPG was never acheived. I also bought a boat once with twin BMW petrol engines that had been converted to run on LPG, but the previous owner had removed the LPG conversion in order to sell it.

m271 turbo conversion

I tracked him down on the YBW Forum, and he said the conversion had been a total waste. It never ran well, power much less than petrol, lots of space lost to the equipment, and LPG in boats is a big risk. Less so in cars, but it's not something I'd be fond of in my car - and I'm a gas engineer!! Thats interesting info. This gain in MPG may be a myth if you have to rev the car all the harder to get it to perform as well as on petrol then Burned valves was another problem, the LPG being a lighter hydrocarbon does not provide the same level of lubrication that petrol does, and in fact can help defeat the lubricating effects of the engine oil.

Roger Jones Active Member. Joined May 18, Messages I would have thought that LPG has been around long enough now to demonstrate that it is not an attractive option. I know that some who did consider it decided to hold off in the expectation that the duty would increase significantly if it ever caught on. It would certainly be a turn-off in any car that otherwise attracted me.

And has any car manufacturer ever offered an LPG model?Mercedes car tuning tips and advice. We have a wide range of tuning articles covering all models of Mercedes from small engined family cars to large engine hot hatches and executive cars. Following our tuning tips you will avoid many of the common mistakes and actually achieve the car set up you desire.

Please join the forum for model specific questions and answers and to meet other owners and see what modifications they have done.

Supercharged M159

TorqueCars started providing Mercedes tweak suggestions and suggestions, car modification and car modification tips and help back in and have grown from strength to strength with a fast growing membership of all types of cars including many, Mercedes owners. We are currently one of the fastest growing car tuning clubs around and certainly one of the friendliest. We also arranged a modified car show in Our Mercedes tuning features with performance tips and information on performance parts for your car get updated so for the hottest Mercedes tweak suggestions and,modification and modification advice, tips and pointers please check back regularly.

We strongly recommend that you join our Mercedes forums and swap tweak suggestions and ideas with like minded Mercedes owners in the dedicated tuning forums. Also please scroll down the page to see our latest tuning articles for your Mercedes.

Mercedes Benz A Classs are good project cars and with carefully chosen sports parts you can noticeably maximize your driving fun.

Our guide to tunings and modifying the Mercedes E Class where we point out the greatest modifications. We review and look at SLK tuning and show the best modifications. Mercedes Benz SLKs are fantastic to work on and with carefully picked sports upgrades you can assuredly maximise your driving opportunities.

S Class tuning guide where we outline the best modifications. The days of fiddling around in the engine bay with a spanner to make the car go faster are numbered. This actually means you get better power, a cleaner burn and more reliable engine but it does not mean the end of tuning. Performance tyres, selection and tyre tread patterns.

A […]. This phenomenon known as brake fade can be quite unexpected and lethal and I would hazard a guess that 1 in 4 cars are likely to experience brake fade to some degree.

Brake fade manifests itself by a spongy feel on the pedal and little or no braking force. Do not confuse brake fade with bad brakes or a mechanical fault as it applies to brake systems in relatively good condition.

Join our forum today and benefit from overposts on tuning styling and friendly car banter. You will also have full access to the modifed car gallery, project car updates and exclusive member only areas. All car owners of all ages and from all countries are welcome.Forums Announcements What's New?

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m271 turbo conversion

V6 and V8. OldAM Thread Starter. Max Hughes. So you want to turbo your modern Mercedes? Long story short, I am showing you the parts required to rear mount turbocharge a m, m and m engined Mercedes. It includes all the parts need for purchase and some high generalizations on what it would be for a shop to weld pre-cut mandrel bent, aluminized steel. I had a giant info sheet typed up and my computer shut down on me, I lost all those thousands of words and I'm frustrated so excuse the errors in my typing.

Bottom line, the system is more efficient than a comparable engine bay turbo or a supercharger, there is 0 parasitic loss so theres an instant hp gain for kompressor engines, it is just as reliable, the engine will last longer, there is no lag and you will make around double the hp per pound of boost as a supercharger would from Kleemann.

Info on that last claim is here: Mongillo Motors rear mount single turbo m SL making rwhp and rwtq at 7psi vs. Kleemann SL making rwhp and rwtq at 7. SL in question uses a STS single turbo kit with a 67mm turbo. Turbo car makes around 34hp per pound of boost, more than double of the Kleemann car. Not bashing Kleemann, just stating the facts. The SL I wrote scribbled these lists because a complete STS kit is way overpriced and the pumps are very prone to failing, the turbowerx pump will not.

M and M single turbo sorry I was tired, it IS recommended for 5. You currently have 0 posts.

LPG Conversion

All the info you need is right here: To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. Want to turbo your M? PM me. To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. Max Hughes is offline. Remove Advertisements. Mercedes Benz Forum. OldAM. I called STS about 3 months ago regarding a system.

They are the company that I am going with since the HP numbers are far higher then anyone else. I was told the system would produce on my GLK with roughly the same tq increase. I am surprised there is another company selling rear mount kits besides STS since I know they have patents on the design and are supposedly the only legal seller of such systems.

GLK4matic is offline. I never said I was trying to sell a remote turbo kit for the Benzo's.