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We live in a world where smartphones are ubiquitous, tablets are commonplace, and even smartwatches are a thing that people talk about on the regular. But throughout all of these advances, the humble laptop has persevered — and for good reason. It's getting harder to buy a bad laptop, but what separates the best laptops of from good laptops is how they balance power, efficiency, portability, and comfort.

The best laptop should have a fantastic keyboard and trackpad — after all, those are the two biggest reasons you'd choose a laptop over a smartphone or tablet. Its display should be easy on the eyes, bright, and sharp enough that you aren't distracted by jagged edges and visible pixels.

It should be powerful enough for most anything short of intensive video editing and advanced gaming. It should be easy to carry around from place to place, and it should be able to last all day without needing to be plugged in. In our view, the best laptop for Mac users is the MacBook Air Check out the full list of best laptops below. It features a sturdy build, 10th Gen Intel processors with powerful integrated graphics, and a nearly bezel-free panel.

It has a It delivers up to nits of brightness plenty for working in a bright room or even outdoors and accurate, vivid colors.

lg gram 17 thermal throttling

You should avoid it if you see it. When it comes to the other basics, the XPS beats its competition in just about every way.

lg gram 17 thermal throttling

We got an acceptable seven hours of battery life and even three hours of light gaming. League of Legends was playable for about 85 percent of that time. The keyboard and touchpad are among the best in their categories as well. And at just 2. The biggest knock against the XPS 13 is its limited port selection.

Intel Core i5-8250U

These are legitimate concerns that may drive some users to look elsewhere. The XPS excels in all of those areas, earning it our top recommendation. The HP Envy x is the best budget laptop you can buy, thanks to its sturdy and compact build, chic convertible design, and excellent performance.An Architect friend recently asked my views on a laptop that he wanted to buy for his designing assignments.

While shortlisting these laptops, due consideration has been given to the specifications and features of thelaptops. The other metric to take into account is the operating system. I have picked all the laptops with windows operating system since it is capable of supporting a large number of application types as compared to Mac or Linux systems.

Microsoft Surface book is one of the favorite laptops among Architects right now. Weight: 3. The ThinkPad comes with a scratch-proof matte-finish body and the full numeric keyboard makes it easy to use to feed in the dimensions of your designs. The laptop is powered by high-end kaby lake i7 processor and 16 GB RAM which is capable of handling Revit, vectorworks and other architecture design applications.

Weight : 7. This laptop is packed with media focused features and supports attractive design. There is a built-in media card reader for instant access to architectural designs while the NVidia GeForce Ti GPU means you can enjoy graphics hungry applications without any lags. Weight : 6. The low price and sturdy design make the Acer Aspire a great choice for both amateur and professional architects. Although the laptop is economically priced, the performance far exceeds the expectations with powerful and latest 8th generation Intel i7 processor, dedicated NVidia graphics card with GB video memory and full HD display.

The laptop is equipped with HD camera that allows you to chat with colleagues or friend in crystal clear images. Weight: 6. Asus is a respected brand that offers high performance machines at reasonable price tag and Vivobook is no exception. Furthermore, the laptop comes with wide View display which lets you see sharp images even at a wide angle of degrees.

It has a thin profile with only 0. Weight : 3.If you're looking to grab yourself a new laptop, or just fancy doing a bit of virtual window shopping, you've come to the right place. To help you along the way, we've sifted through all of the laptops we feel are worthy of your hard-earned cash in and selected the very best.

Wondering why you should listen to us? Every year, dozens of the latest and greatest laptops pass through the Expert Reviews labs — along with plenty of not-so-great laptops, too.

Each device is subjected to our rigorous in-house testing, so when we recommend a laptop you can be sure of one thing: it's a laptop we'd be happy to buy ourselves.

Read on and you'll discover everything from the best business-class laptops to super-sleek ultraportables, gaming laptops and 2-in-1 hybrids. In short, there's something for everyone. And if you're really not sure what to go for, our editor's picks and laptop buying guide sections will point you in the right direction.

Buying a brand-new laptop is no easy task. Cost can also vary massively between different configurations of the same laptop, which only adds to the confusion. Your personal requirements should dictate what sort of laptop you go for.

Is Your Gaming Laptop Throttling? How to Know and (hopefully) Fix it!

A typical university student will have different tech needs than a professional video editor. Some may need a laptop that can process large files at rapid speeds, while others may just want to use Google Docs or browse the web.

Ultimately, it all comes down to what you want your laptop to do. A laptop's CPU power is measured in GHz and each processor has a baseline frequency as well as a maximum frequency. Other factors can impact overall performance, including poor temperature control, which can lead to thermal throttling. Battery size is measured in milliamp hours mAH or watt hours Wh — the biggest battery will in theory last the longest, but it all depends on how much power the various components inside the device use the display, CPU and GPU have the biggest impact.

We run a standardised video rundown test on every single laptop we review, with the longest-lasting performers tending to be a mix between efficient high-end ultraportable laptops and low-powered Chromebooks. If the same laptop has the option of a Full HD 1, x 1, display and a 4K 3, x 2, display, the latter is usually more expensive but not necessarily sharper.

How sharp a display look depends on two factors: the size of the screen and how far away you sit from it.Dell's Latitude laptops are popular choices for business and government entities, and with good reason. The line consistently scores well in our tests year after year, thanks mainly to its build quality, good input devices, and wide array of connectivity and security options.

The new Latitude maintains the design of its older brother, thebut the internals have been upgraded. The new quad-core design brings significant gains in performance, albeit with some sacrifice to power consumption. We'll compare the new Latitude to last year's Latitude to see just how big a leap two more cores allows.

The business market has always been one of the most competitive segments in the world of laptops.

The best laptop you can buy in 2020

Let's dive in. The carbon fiber finish across the back of the lid adds some panache to the device. The look and feel are highly reminiscent of Dell's own XPS line. The result is a laptop that stands out from the sea of "black-suit" devices. As with thethis carbon fiber backing is available only on select configurations at an additional cost. The 's chassis remains unchanged from the Latitudebut this isn't a bad thing. The soft touch coat across the palm rests feels just as premium but has the same problems with showing fingerprints and dust.

The case is fairly rigid across the keyboard deck and exhibits only minimal flex under directed pressure, as does the bottom panel. The lid is thick and sturdy; only slight torsion is possible. The single long hinge is also held over from last year's model, as is its degree rotation. The hinge is too stiff for one-handed opening but holds the display steady under normal use typing, etc. Touching the display results in some slight bobbling that quickly stops.

Overall, the build quality is respectable and remains constant from the ; if you've handled that machine, you already know what the Latitude feels like. Best Displaysfor University Students. The dimensions of the are identical to those of the Latitudewhich isn't surprising.

The is about the same size as the ThinkPad Ts and strikes a good balance between portability and usability. Port selection mirrors that of the Here we have a notebook with a gorgeous inch display and monster battery life, yet at 2. This review is part of our ongoing roundup of the best laptops.

Go there for information on competing products and how we tested them. Keep in mind also that this is a traditional clamshell laptop, with no touchscreen. The laptop can also take a charge through the USB-C port. The right side includes two more USB 3. One might nitpick the lack of USB-C on both edges, but this is a solid arrangement of ports overall. The vast majority of inch laptops aspire to be desktop PC replacements, with spinning hard drives, discrete graphics cards, and sometimes even old-school optical disc drives.

By contrast, the LG Gram 17 aims to hang with smaller thin-and-lights, making it one of the most unique laptops available today. I know this, having foisted the laptop upon various friends and family members during my time reviewing it. The laptop is fairly slim as well, measuring 0. The display itself is no slouch either. Meanwhile, the by resolution display makes everything look sharp, and we measured a peak brightness of nits, which is on the high end for any laptop.

This ultralight design does have some inherent downsides. The carbon and magnesium chassis might be sturdier than plastic, but it feels cheap to the touch—especially pressing on the center of the lid, which has a lot of flex. The medium-gray color scheme is just drab.

At 15 inches wide and The trackpad, however, is a delight, at least for those of us who are accustomed to touch-tapping.

Windows laptops seldom shine on speaker quality, but the LG Gram 17 stands out for being worse than most. Even just listening to people talk on YouTube, sound quality was more on a par with a smartphone than decent laptop or tablet speakers.

It is incredibly relieving, at the start of a work day with no charger on hand, to see Windows estimating over 9 hours of battery life. While those estimates do fluctuate based on workload, I had no issues getting through an entire workday with this laptop.

Best laptop UK 2020: The finest Windows, Apple and Chrome OS laptops you can buy from £300

That anecdotal experience is backed up by our battery rundown test, in which the LG Gram 17 clocked 12 hours and 45 minutes of looping video at nits' brightness. LG also deserves credit for the thermal design of this laptop. Under heavy loads—for instance, while encoding a large video file—the Gram 17 gets warmest around the center-rear of its underside. PCMark, which simulates a gamut of productivity tasks, was actually the exception to the rule here, as the LG Gram 17 edged out several other laptops including that new XPS However, all the laptops here scored well over 2, which is very good.

The results in Cinebench, which tests performance under quick bursts of heavy demand, were less successful. The LG Gram fell behind other laptops—and the new XPS 13 especially—in multi-threaded performance, though single-thread performance was pretty solid.

Short bursts of multi-threaded performance are a weak point for the LG Gram 17, but single-thread results are more respectable. As for the aforementioned task of video encoding in HandBrake, the LG Gram 17 took much longer than other thin-and-light laptops, even ones with 8th-generation Intel processors.We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

We do not collect your personal data. OLED display prone to defects; not comfortable to view white content on for long periods CPU needs to be undervolted and repasted to achieve consistent performance Only 1 NVMe drive Weak audio Keyboard and touchpad could be better. Unfortunately, there is still only one colour available for the XPS 15, as well. You and your fingers will notice the abrupt bottoming-out as you type.

I am able to type between WPM without any issues in key-detection, which is something I am happy to experience coming from the P1. This means that you will frequently either suffer from accidental clicks while typing, be forced to wait for a few split seconds to type after moving the cursor, or have to disable tap-to-click. I ended up disabling both tap-to-click options to avoid frequent annoyances while typing, which is not ideal.

A highlight is the Goodix fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button same as on the As an interesting side note, DCI-P3 is the standard gamut for film per the major production companies, and as mobile computers like notebooks, smartphones, and tablets are used more and more for media consumption, manufacturers are pushing DCI-P3 displays more frequently.

OLED displays are known for their excellent contrast ratios, and this panel is no exception. Luckily, this unit has a centered panel and no issue with uneven brightness.

Even the best IPS panels show a little bit of backlight bleed or glow, but OLED skirts these limitations by the pixels being individually lit. The issue seems to be most prominent when displaying the light shade of grey shown below. The replacement I received was a new not refurbished part, but had a much more severe issue with uneven lighting, illustrated below. When using the laptop at night, I strongly suggest using Night Light to cut the UV spectrum though this is definitely something to do on any displayas the whites can be especially searing.

This is quite noticeable when editing text in Word or other apps with white backgrounds. Greyscale graph courtesy of cosmotography. If you are looking at the above on a properly calibrated IPS display, you should see a clear delineation between 21, 22, 23, and 24, with only 24 being displayed as pure black.

The iH is clearly thermally limited, as it is unable to maintain its initial level of performance. All in all, CPU performance with the iH seems within the margin of error to be no faster than the iH from last year, and I would not expect the 8-core variants to be able to reach their potential based on the thermal issues seen here with the 6-core iH.

I would be interested to see how an i9-equipped SKU fares in testing before stating this conclusively, however. Things change drastically, however, when we put the through its paces in sustained-load GPU benchmarks.

The throttling issue has been greatly improved with the 1. Feel free to skip the initial testing results if you are not interested to see how this laptop performed for the first month of its release before Dell put a patch out.

Running a Firestrike Stress Test of 10 loops yields a disappointing score of This severe throttling results in games becoming unplayable as the GPU effectively grinds to a halt, and I have to comment that I am quite disappointed to see such an issue crop up on the XPS 15 line once again.

When undervolted by mv on the CPU and repasted, GPU performance stability appears to be much improved for a time when observing a run firestrike stress test:. Unfortunately, this only slightly prolongs the time before the GPU begins to throttle.Contrary to its direct predecessor the Core iUwhich were still dual-cores, the iU is equipped with four cores but at a lower base frequency of 1.

The Turbo Boost can go up to 3,4 GHz and therefore also offer good short term single core speeds. Intel basically uses the same micro architecture compared to Skylake, so the per-MHz performance does not differ. The manufacturer only reworked the Speed Shift technology for faster dynamic adjustments of voltages and clocks, and the improved 14nm process allows much higher frequencies combined with better efficiency than before.

Therefore, the older 35 Watt quad-core models should be faster in applications that demand longer CPU loads. With fast dual-channel memory it can reach the performance of a dedicated GeForce M.

10 Best laptops for Architects and Architecture Students in 2020 [Updated List]

Contrary to Skylake, Kaby lake now also supports H. Depending on the usage scenario, the TDP can vary between 7. Architecture Intel basically uses the same micro architecture compared to Skylake, so the per-MHz performance does not differ.

Cinebench R Cinebench R10 - Cinebench R10 Rend. Single 32bit. Multi 32bit. Multi 64bit. Single 64bit. X HD Benchmark 4. Intel Pentium 4 2. TrueCrypt - TrueCrypt Serpent. TrueCrypt - TrueCrypt Twofish. Blender 2.

lg gram 17 thermal throttling

R Benchmark 2. Super Pi mod 1. Super Pi Mod 1. CPU no Physx. Geekbench 3 - Geekbench 3 32 Bit Multi-Core. Geekbench 3 - Geekbench 3 32 Bit Single-Core. Geekbench 3 - Geekbench 3 64 Bit Multi-Core. Geekbench 3 - Geekbench 3 64 Bit Single-Core. Geekbench 4.